A whole year has gone by,Since you came out of the blueAnd turned our mouths dry. A whole year has gone by,But you, you obstinate wretch,You still won’t die? A whole year has gone by,And giggling at our mortality,You are still ravaging high! Please leave this planet now;We can no longer be home-bound.Please take to […]

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The world today,Shrouded by a dreary gloom,Gripped by an all-encompassing void,Is in the clutches of a microscopic nuisance. Wherever we turn our eyes to,We see peopleSabotaged by helplessness,Grappling with negativity,Gasping for oxygen,Scrambling for beds,Yenning for life-saving drugs,Swinging between life and death. The heart is appalledTo see myriad corpsesBeing burnt without last rites;To think of the […]

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As Charles W. Eliot puts it, “Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers”. And truly so. When no one is there to give vent to our emotions to, books give us shoulders to cry upon. Books, in themselves, […]



Resigned heart I possessed,New wishes I yearned for,And then you came from nowhere,And embraced me in your arms,Got rid of my weakness,Massed my florid fancies,Had just a brief talk with you,And you read my eyes,And in a moment you were in me,Nothing left unknown,Ventured I to every difficulty. Destiny united us,Names, we knew not.You altered […]

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Once upon a time,Upon a far-flung land,The curse of Zeus fell,And the earth sufferedUnder a drought’s spell. The earth dried up,For want of an elementIt was familiar with,But that which it could not recall. The parched earthLingered day by dayBeneath the sunshine and the shadeAnd kept waitingFor that one elementAlways pondering overWhat it missedWhat it […]

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Often I recall the timesWhen I used to run awayFrom everything that ripped my heartThe times when I instinctively succumbed toThe inner demons that misled me. In retrospect,I see my past selfLooking for the one thingThat would set me freeFrom the emptinessThat was looming large. And I found myself tripping uponTranquility and inner peace.And that […]

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She’ll Fight Back

You try to limit her voiceTo “yes”, “okay” and “sorry”.But she will enrich herself one dayWith powerful, piercing words,That will go through the depths of your heart,And drive out your male ego. You restrict her freedomAnd asphyxiate her withinThe four walls of the house.But she’ll cross the threshold,And dance flamboyantly in the rain.She’ll soar to […]

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